Who Writes this Sh–?

Who writes this shit?

I do and my name is Mia.

For more than a decade, I’ve helped people get that monkey (or barrel of monkeys) off their backs.  You know, those pesky things that mangle our relationships, demolish our professional careers, interfere with our leadership abilities, and show up in all forms of dis-ease.

Monkey weight pulls us down.  It steals the joy from our lives.  But there’s something we can do about that… 

My education is a combination of formal learning and self-study, with personal experiences (my own and that of those I’ve helped) that could be considered as applied research.  What is most valuable to my life coaching clients, so they tell me, is the skills I have acquired from fighting the war against my own monkeys.

Without that, I suppose I could be considered book smart, but that would be about it.  I have an extensive knowledge of monkey kung fu and how to apply it to real life; how to get free.  That’s the key, I would say, because what good are skills if you don’t know how to use them?

Like many monkey-battle mentors, I have fancy-schmancy professional titles, super certifications, letters, and some cool associations, but those things won’t tell you what it is that I do, or who it is that I am.

A very good friend of mine, a talented and published poet, jokingly calls me “The Wolf” (referring to Winston Wolfe of Pulp Fiction) ever since he experienced several breakthroughs while working with me a few years ago.  I like the name (love the movie) and it’s sort of accurate, but only metaphorically.  Besides, I look nothing like Harvey Keitel, man.

What I do:  I help people shift their perspectives, harness their personal power-force, and solve their problems.  Kind of like: “Yoda”.

Who I am:  I’m a writer.  This has always been in me, long before the decade-plus of Yoda practice, but it wasn’t until recently that I could tell you and even more recently that I had the guts to show you.

photo courtesy: Pinterest

Through my writing, my reach extends to hurting people everywhere; people like you.

From blog posts, essays, and articles, to meta-analysis of scientific research and how-to books (coming soon), you will find something that will help you shift your view, lock into your power, and solve your problem.

It’s a pretty universal goal: we all want to live happier lives.

But, that’s hard to do with monkeys clinging to your back.

My hope for you is that you benefit from the hard-learned lessons of my life as I share them with you.  As always, I’m here if you need me.

Xo Mia

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